Life brings with a plethora of experiences, each with a flavour of its own. I wish to share with all my readers these various experiences and observations that I have made during my time here on this planet. They may be funny, thought-provoking or simple reflections. I do hope you will find these enjoyable and interesting.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Sunset time from the balcony

I had switched off my laptop, having read and answered all posts. That was barely half an hour earlier. .

Thought i would take a nap, having been glued to it all day yesterday and today. Just then I got a call from a friend. When i finished talking, I went to the window, I saw this beautiful orange ball in the sky. We get to see some incredible sunsets from all our bedroom windows. They are all west facing. I just could not resist the temptation of recording a typical sunset and of an evening spent in the balcony.  So here I am in my balcony to give you a running commentary. 

"I am now sitting in the balcony. so, as I told you there is this orange globe in the sky - what perfect geometry and colour. There are light clouds around the sun and the rays pouring through them - such a soul touching experience. It's picture perfect. Looks just like those greeting cards. There is a streak of pink around the clouds, Just like the outlines that children draw around pictures to define their drawing. the one nearest the sun, which is making a grey streak across it, is shaped somewhat like a chubby, curly long-haired child lying on its right side with its back side facing me. I just love watching clouds and trying to see figures in them. Fun past time. There, the sun has just vanished out of sight - it is amazing how fast it goes down. Right from the time I used to watch sunsets at Juhu beach as a 5 year old, whenever we visited my mom's parents, the setting sun has always reminded me of a Kwality orange ice candy. I know, I cannot get more unromantic than that, but what to do, everything in life has somehow got to have some gastronomic connection. Well, that is the way i am - a foodie to the core". 

Anyway - my flat is on the third floor facing the park in our complex. Earlier the trees were much smaller, and one could observe all the children coming out with their moms to play. It is such a comic sight to watch the slightly older ones playing with their balls and the little ones toddling along on unsteady feet, trying to be a part of the scene . There are times, that the older ones humour the little ones. At other times, they just ignore them, and it is so heart wrenching to watch the little ones stand there, look puzzled and then amble back to their moms or find some other distraction to toddle off to 

There was one day when mom and I were sitting here in the evening and watching a burkha clad lady and her husband sitting on a bench in the park. the lady was holding a discourse  The man was apparently listening . After some time he repositioned himself, so that he was facing backwards . The woman kept up her discourse, unconcerned. Then there were 2 minutes of silence. The man took the opportunity, ambled off, smoked a cigarette and ambled back . He came back revitalized, so that he could lend the lady his ear. He went and sat next to her once again. After a minute or two of silence, the lady recommenced where she had left off. After about 10 minutes, they just got up abruptly, piled onto his scooter parked outside the park and sped off . Left me thinking  - may be a daughter in law venting herself to her dear husband. They probably do not get enough alone time at home. What a considerate husband, who just sits quietly and allows his wife to let go steam! But if all men were like that, what would have happened to Ekta Kapoor and all her "saas-bahu" serials?

Now the trees have all grown really tall. Sadly, this obscures the view of the inside of the park and we are deprived of all these life affirming sights. But then when you lose out on something, you always find something else. Now we have this palette of lush green in various hues and shades. It is such a refreshing sight for the eyes! An evening in the balcony, and I am sure it is enough to turn the most confirmed atheist into a believer.


  1. Satch,
    in tamil there is a phrase "kezvanam civakum" the setting sun will be red. So enjoyed a good setting. I remember this when I went to Brindavan Gardens in - mYsore. While we were waiting for the musical fountain I had the opportunity of witnessing the sun setting. Nicely narrated.

  2. thanks for the comment. it is a real treat to be able to watch this almost every day.

  3. A nice narration of the evening sun and the events happening around your place. I too enjoy my coffee mornings seeing the rising sun like a small red cream inside an orange cream biscuit (being a foodie, cannot avoid such imaginations! ha.ha.ah.a) But i feel my morning starts well because whichever house we have leased so far are all east facing only. So able to enjoy the sun rise along with a mug of hot filter coffee with the chirping of the birds in different notes.

  4. thanks mira. it's really wonderful to be blessed by such dazzling dispays of the beauty of nature, is it not? those few moments of peace and tranquility are sufficient to get one through a tough day.