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Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Story of a Valentine's Day And A Few Days That Followed - Part IV

Adversities and the blessings they bring

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As I have mentioned in the past, I have had a rough time over the last couple of years when I have been restricted to home and unable to go out much or do much of my own jobs. I have had to be dependent on domestic staff to help keep my home running – something that I was never used to. But I have learnt to accept the situation.

But above all these what came as a huge blessing to me was the fact a friend (yet another in-law) introduced me to IndusLadies. The chance to make a lot of friends, meet them personally, the opportunity to discover my ability to write, blog and use other skills enriched my life like no good times had done in the past. The need to stay at home gave me the opportunity to open my eyes and look at the natural beauty all around me. The kindness of so many people touched me – be it relatives, doctors in the hospital, nurses in the ICU who kept hovering to look after me when I was sick and to chat with me and encourage me when I was better, the friends who prayed so hard for me and kept sending words of encouragement and love and affection, waiting to see me back on line - has touched me like nothing else has before. These nurses were all old enough to be my daughters. Their affection and cheer was so infectious. Their smiles in the toughest of work situations was a revelation. Their happiness to see me smiling and chatting was so wonderful. Why should they have cared?  I was only a job, but they did not seem to think so.  God bless them. I can never forget those moments when I was lying in bed uncaring, not wanting to eat more than a morsel of food or drink a sip or two of water (under compulsion), moments when they would come along and ask so caringly if I would not like something - just a little more?  Some coffee?  No?  Perhaps some fruit juice or water, then?  Just a sip or two more?  I really should .....  This was the first time I had so many people younger than me really showering their care and affection on me and to one who is generally used to being the youngest around, it was really heart warming.  What I have not experienced otherwise - the bonding with a daughter - I enjoyed through this situation of pain and suffering.  It is so good to be able to see that even the worst of situations are never purely bad.  They do come with their mixed blessings.  

The doctors were relieved to see me well and able to move about.  Bless their skillful hands and their knowledge which they bring to the help of suffering individuals.

I can go on endlessly like this. But all I can say for now is “Thank you Life, thanks God for all you have given me. You have shown me the toughest times but also equipped me with an inbuilt helmet to take all the blows you showered on me. I ask for no more”.

Thanks to all those friends who stood by me and encouraged me all along.  I should be out of ICU tomorrow and back home in the coming week.  I know the road to a full recovery is going to be an arduous one.  But it will be done and I know I should be back to blogging regularly very soon.  Till then I shall content myself with making occasional appearances whenever my body, opportunity as well as time permit me.

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  1. Dear Satchi,

    Read all the four posts. I do not know what to say, I have no words. All I can say is that I somehow understand what you are going thru.

    And I wish I was blessed with your attitude to be so positive in the face of very adverse situations. [I envy you for that reason!].

    I will meet you when in your city.


  2. Thanks Vivek. Looking forward to meeting you in person. :-)

  3. Just went back to part 1 and read through all the four parts of this amazing narration. Not just because it is being done from the ICU, but mainly to applaud your ability to think so amazingly when in so much pain, movemnet restrictions, and all kinds of meds being put into you !

    Wish you a very successful recovery from all your troubles !

  4. Thanks so much Suranga. Really nice to see you here. :-)

  5. Kantha Srinivasan25 February 2012 at 20:00

    I've read all the 4 parts over and over again....God bless you Swati, may you never have another day of pain in all your life!

  6. A beautiful and touching read! Hope you get well very soon .

  7. Thanks Anonymous for visiting. :-)