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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bring In A Change

Source:  Google

Womens' day has come and gone
Let us look at facts, of romantic notions shorne
We claim independence, we are liberated we say
But facts point out the other way

Take a look at the news every morn
At the injustice by womankind borne
Raped by strangers, by kith and kin
Starved by parents, thrown at birth into bins

Women are their own enemies as so often is said
Even more so from the time they are wed
Parents willing to pay anything of them to get rid
Willing in tens of thousands for a groom to bid

And woe betide if her own partner she should find
There are many who this state of affairs would mind
How dare she decide who should be her mate
Ask the “khaps”, her brothers who are all filled with hate

A “decent” “well brought-up”girl should wait
For her parents to find her the right mate
It is not in our “rich culture” to date
She must marry the person who is handed to her by “fate”

Her dreams are shattered from the word go
Mil, Sil being the cause of many a woe
“Bring more money from your parents” they say
If she can't she is slaughtered one day

Husband beats her mercilessly
And visits another woman shamelessly
The wife's job for her is cut out
Cook, clean, produce kids, her life is a rut

Shackled to date by chains of “culture” and “tradition”
Which ensures she gets no remission
From her miserable, wretched existence
Only death can be the ultimate deliverance

This is of the majority the condition
And if you think the solution is “education”
Think again, for in our country it is only a word
Which means passing exams, getting certificates, becoming a nerd

Our moral police are eternally alert
When it comes to “traditional values” and anyone in a skirt
Traditions do not apply to men
Culture is not something to be protected by them

And then our “respect” for women and Goddesses we assert
While day in and day out their interests we hurt
Nothing has changed since Joan at the stakes was burnt
Isn't it sad, to date nothing better has been learnt

In order a real change in society to effect
All negative values need to completely reject
We need to change the way we think
To throw out such practices that so utterly stink

A civilized society if we wish to be
Every individual needs to be free
From practices which their freedom of expression stifle
And with their dignity and basic human rights trifle

A society where a woman is free
To prosperity is the ultimate key
Where women are happy there the Gods dwell
Where they are not, there life is a hell

If a change we really want
Don't allow anything you to daunt
For change must inevitably start with “me”
Not with granny, uncle, she or he.


  1. Dear Satchi...
    Lovely poem thought there are certain points I disagree this one I fully agree with you

    "A society where a woman is free
    To prosperity is the ultimate key
    Where women are happy there the Gods dwell
    Where they are not, there life is a hell"

  2. Dear Satchi,

    just superb, the ryhme and meaning, yes the change must start with me, for sure.

    if the motehr is strong, she can instill a lot of things in her daughter, educate her, even if she is doing a menial job.

    Grandma became a widow after 4 sons, and at a young age , maybe 30 or so, and she made sure all her sons studied little and started working, and today, though 3 of them are no more, thye were persons in their own right.