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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Beat the Heat - Dadpe Pohe

Bangalore is ablaze and when I say ablaze, I mean literally ablaze.  The summer heat is bearing down oppressively making me want to immerse myself in a pool all day long.  Now that not being possible, I have to think of other ways of beating the heat.  Chappatis are more or less out of fashion in my home.  Everyday it is a menu of curd rice, some other variety of rice, raita .......  Cucumbers are in special favour.

Rice everyday can get pretty boring unless something else is added to the menu to provide a variety.  One of those foodie dreams took me back to my neighbour's house in Pune, where on a summer afternoon I had eaten this delightful, yet easily made stuff called "Dadpe Pohe".

Conversion of thought to action does not take much effort especially where a foodie is concerned.

So here is the recipe.


Poha (puffed rice) - 1/2 kg

Coconut water - 250 ml
Fresh grated coconut - 1/2 a cup (adjust to individual requirements)
Raw mango - 1 small or 1/2 medium sized (add to taste)
Tomato - 1 medium
Onion - 1 medium - large
Groundnuts - 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds - 1 teaspoon
Oil - 1 teaspoon
Green chilli - 1 medium
Corriander leaves finely chopped


Wash the poha through a sieve.  Allow it to soak in the coconut water.  Add chopped tomato, onion and finely chopped raw mango.

Heat the oil, add mustard, allow to splutter.  Add the groundnuts and fry.  Add the chopped chilli to this.  Allow the mixture to cool.  Add to the poha and mix well.

As is evident, it is simple to make (just think how convenient it is when you have unexpected or even expected guests :-D), healthy and yummy to eat.

ViolĂ , its ready to wolf down.  Slurp slurp ..........

You are all set to beat the heat. :-D  Enjoy.