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Monday, 6 October 2014

Memory Intrigues - Chapter 26

This is the twenty sixth chapter of Memory Intrigues , a mystery series in the “Game of Blogs” for the team “ Dynamic Word Weavers” as a part of # CelebrateBlogging campaign by Blogadda.

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The story so far:

Shekhar, Jennifer here.  I think I can help you get Roohi back.  However you will have to keep your nerve and play the game carefully.  If the kidnappers call you, play for some more time. Tell them to give you time till tomorrow afternoon.

She can almost hear Shekhar heave a sigh of relief.  “Thank you so much Jenny.  That is so kind of you.  I always knew I could depend on you …  Our friendship … and love … is as strong as it always was.”

Although Shekhar tries to infuse confidence into those words, he cannot hide his scepticism.  “Why this sudden change in Jennifer?  She is singing a totally different tune.  What had happened during the course of the evening to make her change her mind?  Was this for real or was this some new game plan of Jenny’s?”

Jennifer can hear it in his voice.  Of course, he wouldn't trust her any more.  How could he, after all that happened between them?

She shakes her head hard as if to shake off all the emotional baggage that has been bothering her and weighing her down all these years. She is determined to finish the game that she has started.  Yes, she is the only person who can do it and she will.


“How do I get this little kid out of this mess?” wonders Jenny.  The image of a police officer suddenly springs up before her mind’s eye – that of ACP Sameer Thorat.  Surely he will help me out.
Her mind goes to a time, four years ago, when she was covering an election speech in Shivaji Maidan by a very famous regional politician.
4 years ago:
The grounds are packed with people pouring in from everywhere to catch a glimpse of the politician and to hear his scintillating speech.  The man is known for his oratory and his rhetoric.  The milling masses are very restless and there is a very large posse of police present on the grounds to control the crowds.  They are expecting trouble.  Jennifer has arrived a bit late and is trying to squeeze her way into the media enclosure.  She is doing a stint as official photographer for one of the big newspaper houses.  The crowds make it impossible for her to move forward.  She spots a police officer standing a few paces away and approaches him for help.  The badge on his shirt reads PI Sameer Thorat.  He helps her get a vantage point from where she can get some good shots.  After the rally, she calls PI Thorat to thank him for his help.  He has been very kind and helpful towards her.  It was not unusual, thereafter, for Jenny to get in touch with him whenever she came to Mumbai for any official work.
Jenny has great regard for this Police Inspector who very soon makes his way up to the position of ACP.  Little does she suspect the special interest that the ACP has developed in her, over the years.  He is fascinated by this dusky young photographer who seems to think it is the most natural thing to live in casual shorts and tees all the time.  She is something of a non-conformist and a rebel – she has a tattoo which says "Vivacious Jen" on her right hand; she seems to be very fond of accessories – she wears multi-coloured bead chains around her neck, dangling earrings made of oxidised metal and beads, some beads along one lock of hair, metal bangles, three rings on each hand; she has beautiful, sparkling kohl lined eyes.  Although the colour of her accessories changes every day, one unchanging accessory she carries is her camera.  It seems like an unalienable part of her anatomy.  She has a tremendous attitude which the ACP finds very attractive.  Coupled with that is a certain vulnerability which bring out his protective instincts.
It comes as something of a surprise to Jenny, when he expresses his interest and proposes to her.   Jennifer thinks he is kidding; she has never thought of him in that manner.  Apart from a basic distrust in men after her experience with Shekhar, she is also obsessed with the idea of getting back into Shekhar’s life.  Sameer, from her perspective, is no more than a ‘good friend’.
7 pm:
Jennifer is suddenly jolted back to the present from her reverie.  Yes, Sameer is the right person to help her.  She picks up her mobile.
“Hello, ACP Sameer Thorat?”
Hello, Jenny!  Where are you? The whole police force is looking for you."

"Hold it, hold it ACP Thorat, I shall explain everything to you. But before that I have a lot to tell you and require your help."  

"When did you come to town?
“Oh, I came yesterday.  Now, please can you listen to me?”
Tell me, how can I help you?
“It is terribly urgent, but I cannot discuss this over the phone.  I am in Pali Hill at the moment.    Can we meet somewhere over dinner?”
ACP Thorat is more than delighted at the prospect of meeting Jennifer.  They decide to meet up in Bandra at a Chinese restaurant.
Within an hour the two are seated in a quiet corner of the restaurant.  The restaurant is dimly lit and there is soft music playing unobtrusively in the background.    They order a couple of starters and main dishes.
So tell me now, what is the matter?” asks ACP Thorat.
“You must help me help an old friend Mr. Shekhar Dutta.”
Why should you be interested in helping him out?
“Look Mr. Thorat, I told you he is an old friend.  He is in trouble – his daughter has been kidnapped.  You must be aware of the case of 9 year old Roohi Dutta, going missing?  She is the daughter of the reputed news reporter Mrs. Tara Dutta and Mr. Shekhar Dutta.”
Yes, I know.  But what has this to do with you and how can I help?
“You may have heard of a stand-up comedian Mr. Aryan Ahuja from New Delhi, who is presently in Mumbai, trying his luck in the film industry?”
Can you please come to the point Jennifer?  You are really confusing me.  One minute you talk of Roohi, the next of Aryan Ahuja.  What do the two have to do with each other and more importantly, what do you have to do with this case?
“Well, I know Aryan Ahuja has kidnapped Roohi.”
What???!!!  How do you have this information and what proof do you have for your accusation?
“I had good reason to suspect that Ahuja had kidnapped Roohi.  Based on my hunch, I hired a detective to locate Ahuja, who I was told was also missing.  It is basically a long story and I don’t have the time right now to tell you everything.  I heard that he is in his guest house on Pali Hill.  I followed him there and snooped around and saw Roohi and Cyrus Daruwala, a student whom Tara Dutta has been mentoring, with him.  I suspect Cyrus is also somehow involved in this whole business.  We need to get Roohi out safe from there.”
Hmmm..... Alright, I shall help out.  Let’s send a posse of policemen there immediately.  We can  arrest them immediately.”   The ACP pulls out his mobile from his pocket.
“No ACP Thorat!  Don’t be so precipitous!  We need to watch our steps.  This man, Ahuja, is dangerous.  He could easily harm Roohi if you tried to break into the house.  I have a plan.  We can make him walk into our trap!”
OK, what do you have in mind?
Jennifer tells the ACP of her plan.  The ACP deputes calls up the police station and deputes two constables to hang around the guest house in plain clothes, in order to keep a watch on Ahuja’s and Cyrus’ movements.  
Next morning, Jennifer goes to the police station.  From there, she, alongwith the ACP and a couple of police constables in civvies leave for Pali Hill.  They go in the ACP’s private car, so as to be as inconspicuous as possible.
It takes them about an hour to get there.  They park their car some way off from the house and walk there, trying to be as quiet as possible.  The ACP and the constables take their positions.  Jennifer hangs around at a distance, waiting for Cyrus to come out.  
After a while Cyrus comes out of the house.  Jenny looks at him carefully.  This is the first time she is seeing him so closely, in person.  Can she take the risk of approaching him and talking to him?  She might be running a risk in doing so.  Her instincts, however, tell her that Cyrus is not like Ahuja.  Ahuja is a dangerous man with criminal tendencies.  Cyrus looks like a normal young person and is in all probability seriously misguided.  She approaches him.  

"Cyrus Daruwala?" she asks.

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  1. Excellent continuation. So, what's the plan?? Good suspense. Team Dynamic Wordweavers is the BEST :)

    Destination Infinity

  2. Thanks DI. What is the plan? Just wait and watch! :-D

  3. Loved the way you've build up suspense and also your description of the Sameer and Jen's meeting.

  4. CHAPTER 26

    Jennifier, is she a journalist or a detective or a detective journalist? The suspense is heading in a different direction. It seems from what is emerging, she is after all not an ally in Roohi’s disappearance from home. From the look of it, Jennifer appears to be extremely self centric from her past record trying to win friends and using them for her ulterior ends. Her interest in Roohi is intriguing as well with her thoughts on Roohi’s resemblance to someone she perhaps knows well. Who is this person in the hierarchy of suspense and is the interest of Jennifer in Roohi humanitarian or motivated have been heightened well by the author. A good job

    1. Jennifer is a photographer by profession and naturally attends various functions where she gets a good photo opportunity. At present she is doing a stint for a newspaper which justifies her presence at this political do.

  5. Sameer fascination towards jeny is really well written -
    We can visualise jeny in front of our eyes with beads and camera

    1. Thanks Shobha. :-D Nice to have you visiting and following our story.

  6. Oh Jenny having a lover boy in ACP Sameer - I am surprised how Jenny is able to handle both men at the same time. The camera which has become her accessory is able to guide her in her detective phase. Great job Sats - waiting for the next episode

    1. Thanks Nityaka. All chapters have been completed and published today. Enjoy! :-D