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Saturday, 26 February 2011

10 Golden Rules of Auto-Rickshaw Etiquette

Today there was a news item in the morning newspaper. A techie was trying to get an auto rickshaw to his destination. Five of them in a row refused to ply for anything less than Rs. 100/- (let alone plying by meter). When he started noting their registration numbers to lodge a complaint, he was beaten up by one of them. Complaining to the police did not bring any results. 

Serves the techie right. He did not learn some basic etiquettes of "auto rickshaw manners" at his momma's knee . If he had, he would not have seen this day.

There are some golden rules for dealing with rickshaw drivers, which everyone better be aware of. Ignorance is no defence for a crime. 
  • Never approach a rickshaw driver who is sitting in peace and reading the newspaper. 
  • Never approach one who is enjoying his lunch or having just finished his meal and is enjoying his siesta.
  • Never ask a rickshaw driver who is busy having a chinwag with his colleagues.
  • Always ask where he wants to ply. Don't be audacious enough to ask to go in a direction opposite to his destination or beyond his destination.
  • Don't stop an empty auto rickshaw who is going past. It is just not done. The protocol for this is that the auto rickshaw driver should stop next to you and ask whether you want to enjoy the privilege of going with him for a ride.

If you try any of the above, you are sure to be refused.

  • If an auto rickshaw driver does condescend to take you where you want to, be polite enough to enquire whether he wants to go in the same direction or whether you would be inconveniencing him.
  • Never ask him to turn on the meter. If he does turn it on, don't argue about petty issues like tampering. What are a few 10s here and there? If you find the meter exceeding the normal expected fare, get off when the meter reaches the limit of your budget. Don't inconvenience the driver - he is reeling under inflation which is going through the roof. Don't inconvenience yourself either. Spend only what your pocket allows. After that, walk! It's good for your health.
  • Don't try to tell him what speed to drive at . Who is the professional here?
  • Don't try to tell him not to use the mobile when driving? It is a free country and his wish. Who are you to edit his human rights?
  • Don't tell him not to put on the music at full blast . It is one of his basic inalienable rights.

If you choose to ignore these rules, it is entirely at your own risk. Don't say I did not warn you.

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