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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Never say "Never"

It is an old habit of mine. I often decide quite firmly not to do something and land up doing just that.

Take the instance of my residence. Long ago when I was going for training at a blood bank in a hospital in the city, I lost my way on the way back home. I was on scooter. This is nothing new for me and this is how I learn my way around a city.

Anyway, on my way back, I noticed a huge complex of apartments  which looked rather like a collection of matchboxes made of concrete. It was completely devoid of trees and looked for all the world like a desert. I wondered how people could ever live there with no greenery around and just a lot of flats that had no character whatsoever. Little did I know then, that in a few years time, I would be moving into one of those flats. Of course it is now about 8-9 years since that incident. Now the whole complex is green and the flats are in high demand.

This was not the first time either. Many decades ago, when I was doing my Std. X, I wanted to appear for the NCERT Scholarship Examination.  The application forms had to be submitted at a local college, not far from my house. I went straight from my school in school uniform to the college . Not surprisingly, I was the centre of unwanted attraction on the campus. I wished I could sink into the ground and vanish.  It was so upsetting, I vowed I would never study in that college. I spent the next 7 years there.

Similarly, I had decided that I was going to be single and ready to mingle all my life. The thought of ever getting married was completely anathema to all I was and believed in. As is my wont, I did just what I decided never to do .

The latest example is of my changing my mind is the fact that I am on this site and using technology. My knowledge of the use of computers extended to word-processing and e-mailing. And yes, I could search the internet for information. Till my friend one day decided that I had better learn to move with the times and got me to join facebook. Even so, I really did not really take to it very much. For me it was only a means to search and contact people. Then another friend of mine introduced me to IL and I fell for the site hook, line and sinker .

I hated very advanced mobile phones – for me the phone was an instrument primarily for the purpose of communication. My husband on the other hand loves all things technical (I face serious competition in the department of his affections, when computers and mobiles are concerned). He bought a mobile phone with internet connectivity and tried very hard to get me to use it. He was willing to gift it to me, but I wanted nothing to do with it. After a few months of resistance, I started checking the IL site on it and got quite hooked. After that there has been no stopping me. Although I am still quite a computer idiot and struggle with links and the like , I am slowly learning. And now I am determined to learn all the necessary skills required to claim to be a denizen of the modern world.

As they say, “never say never”.

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