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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I Chose You My Dear (contd......) Part 4


Life was never the same after Tanya came home. She was the centre of attraction and everything she did was like some radically new achievement, which no other human in history had achieved before. Every milestone was faithfully captured on video by a doting father and cherished by a loving mother and grandparents. There was a virtual library of Tanya's life - her smiles, her laughter, her face smeared with cereal, the mischief in her eyes, her playing peek-a-boo with mommy, the first time she crawled, the first time she tried to stand, Tanya trying out her first waddling steps, .......

Shweta was over the moon when she said "ma-ma" for the first time. Daddy was a bit peeved that it was mamma first and not pappa. That too did not take too long in following. Grandpa was "da-da"and grandma was "da-di".

Every morning started out with Grandpa taking the dear granddaughter for a walk. She would look at the trees, flowers, listen to the chirping birds and coo in delight. Grandpa's heart would leap in ecstasy and he would look up proudly at little Tanya perched like an empress on his shoulders.

Life however was not without its ups and downs. Tanya had to pass through all the travails of childhood. Teething pains, tummy aches, no potty days, lack of appetite, fever, and the works. But we humans are a resilient lot and Tanya and family got over these trying times without much ado.

Months passed by and so did years. It was finally time to send Tanya to school. After facing all the travails that parents today face in the process, Tanya was admitted to "Sacred Hearts' Convent". The first day at school was traumatic. There was little Tanya in nursery with a lot of other wailing infants and there were all the mothers outside, some with tears flowing down their faces. After all this was a second cutting of the umbilical cord for most, but not for Shweta. For her, this was the very first time. She could not quite comprehend the idea of sending her baby away from her. But human resilience came to the rescue once again. Tanya got used to being away from momma for a few hours every day, had a few friends in her class and grew quite fond of "teacher aunty", who was her heroine. Everyday she would come home and lisp new nursery rhymes in the most attractive voice and Shweta's heart would fill up with pride.

Things went smoothly, till Tanya was in Std. III. It was then that a storm swept into Shweta's life and took away her peace for a while. As we saw, she was worried about Tanya's silence and withdrawn mien. When repeated efforts to get the matter out of her failed, she had to eventually take her to a paediatric psychiatrist. After a few sessions, during which the doctor had to work really hard to draw Tanya out of her shell, she had some information that came as a real shocker for Anil and Shweta. Tanya had somehow got to know that she was not their biological child. Some children in school (children can be pretty vicious) had teased her saying her parents did not love her, since she was not their own child.

Shweta and Anil had already been advised by the agency that they would eventually have to reveal the truth to Tanya. They had been waiting for an opportune time, when she was a bit older and in a position to understand. They had not, however, bargained for this.

That night, as she was getting Tanya into bed, Shweta without saying anything directly, told her a story of a little child who had been adopted. Tanya listened in silence. At the end, Shweta asked her, why she was looking so sad. The child blurted out "because the parents do not love the child". "What makes you say that"? asked Shweta. That was when the dam burst and the child sobbed out "Some children in my class said, you and daddy don't love me, because you brought me from an orphanage, They said, I am not your daughter". Tears of anger welled up in Shweta's eyes, and she said "Darling, those children are really stupid. Next time they say that to you, just tell them, their parents did not have any choice when they had them. You, my child are very precious to us. We chose you, because we loved you". The child was listening wide eyed. She finally gave Shweta her winsome smile and dropped off to sleep.

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