Life brings with a plethora of experiences, each with a flavour of its own. I wish to share with all my readers these various experiences and observations that I have made during my time here on this planet. They may be funny, thought-provoking or simple reflections. I do hope you will find these enjoyable and interesting.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Blogging my way to friendships


Until a couple of months ago, I was content to spend my time reading books and watching telly as activites to keep me out of mischief.  I love human company, but that is a hard commodity to come by these days.  Friends are not willing to spare one the time of day unless one is connected with them on a social network.  Gone are the days when one could sit and chat with a friend over a cuppa or jabber twenty to the dozen for hours on end on the telephone.  Everyone these days is glued to a new box - the nerd's box (the days of the idiot box are wearing out - there are not many idiots left around.  Even the last remnants of that breed like me are having to convert).

Anyway, when one of my friends came to know of my dark secret, she absolutely insisted on my joining a very popular social networking site, and took the time out of her busy schedule to set me up.  I somehow could not get started.  I mean, it is okay to trace your friends whom you want to get in touch with after many years, but I was not particularly enamoured by the idea of posting bits of information from various sources on the wall or telling my friends that I had just finished guzzling 2 litres of Evian or was planning to stand on my head for the first time in my life.  So I just had an account, which I used to peep into once in a way.

Then another friend got fed up of my calling for chats all the time and asked me to join up on a womens' networking site.  I faithfully did.  As usual, I was lost in the woods.  By and by, I started finding many topics to my interest and plunged headlong into the various forums.  I took great pleasure in giving my two cents to any one who cared to listen - no, I should be saying reading.  This did get me many virtual friends, with whom one could talk about all the pet peeves in one's life.  Everyone was available for everyone else to wipe away their virtual tears and to give them virtual hugs (what else are smileys there for?  God bless their creator).

But that was not quite enough.  I just had to keep up with the Jones'.  All the fellow members of that particular site, who were into any kind of writing were heavily into blogging.  I could not be left far behind.  Oh, no.  That is just not my style.  So that is just what I did.  Started blogging.  What is that proverb again?  "If you cannot beat 'em, join'em".

So here I am.  I hope to see more of everybody here and promise that you will also see me from time to time.  Till then ......