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Monday, 6 February 2012

The aviary in and around my house

These birds are driving me to distraction.  As they hop from branch to branch, tree to tree, they keep chirping and calling so enticingly, I keep running every few minutes from window to window to balcony back to window trying to catch these elusive creatures, camera in hand.

I have already posted a picture of a white cheeked barbet taken from my balcony as well as a video of a purple sunbird hopping around.

Purple Sunbird

Today I have a still picture of a very small greenish brown bird.  This bird is very hard to catch as it is very well camouflaged and extremely active.  It hardly sits still for a few seconds. I am told this is the green munia or the green avadavat.  Got it after great difficulty today. 

Green Munia / Green Avadavat

Here is one more beauty in all its vivid colours.

Brahminy Kite

Well, the story does not end there.  It is of course wonderful to have rare birds calling out on the tree just outside my window.  But it is also interesting to see what surpirses my old time friends - the pigeons spring on me. 

Two days ago, I saw a couple of pigeons sitting in one of the empty pots in my balcony garden.  By the time I tried to click them, one flew away.  I quipped to my domestic help that pigeons were growing in my pots.  She took a look inside and whoa - what a surprise.  Just check it out for yourselves.


  1. Hi Satchi....
    From running to catch-up with birds on your camera to growing pigeons in your pot what a promotion dear.....Lovely...Pls make sure the cat doesnt come to that area....

  2. Well, it was in the balcony and by night everything was gone. Was heart broken. But nothing I can do. There are lots of crows around as well.

  3. Hi Satchi,
    I am convinced that you are not staying in Bangalore but in a jungle! Such beautiful birds will not visit a city. [If they do you are lucky!].

    A famous marathi author, Anant Kanekar [I am sure you would have heard of him] has written a short essay in which he emphatically states that the birds never enter the house of a bad person! So in other words, you have got a 'Ms Nice certificate' from the nature.

    All I can say is that I surely envy you!! :D

  4. Thanks so much Vivek. It is really comforting to know that birds do love me. :-)

  5. Sats so sad that the eggs got disappered- next time around you must protect. sorry to say that you are not a true PETA . Next time around be extra careful. I have seen this in our house also, it will sit in the pomegranate trees. It sounds are very sweet. - tweet tweet .Kudos a new hobby - bird watching and photography

  6. Thanks so much Nityaka. It is good fun learning through experimentation. One has to live and learn.

  7. Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.What a score of birdies.Surprisal jaunt..Kudos to your BIRD-watch!!!!!

  8. Hi Satchi...
    So sorry to hear that at Mumbai too I experienced the same then the pigeon like Bruce laid its egg in the attic n hatched too...

  9. :-) Let us see if this one comes back again.

  10. Satchi...You are surrounded by wonderful nature around...Lovely bird watching and nice clicks too!!Enjoy...

  11. i hv seen this and gave a reply y'day i don't know where it had gone?

  12. Wonderful, very very nice to see the photos.Near Chennai there is a place called as "Vedanthangal" , in your house you have a mini-vedanthangal.
    You are truly blessed.

  13. Thanks so much Sasi. :-) Next time I come to Chennai, let us go and see this place. Would love to go clicking. :-)