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Friday, 3 February 2012

Sunbird songs

Looks like I am in luck.  I have always loved looking at birds, but never really spared much time or attention to the different varieties that inhabit my surroundings.  Put it down to lack of time, too many preoccupations or just no particular reason.

Suddenly I find myself with a lot of time on my hands and a fascination with my camera.  And as if the whole universe decided to connive in my favour, a whole lot of new birds are arriving in the colony.  It just happens that all these factors - availability of time, a peaceful mind, arrival of new birds has suddenly spurred my interest and shall now try to get to know more about the ones that present themselves to me.
I don't think it would require any great stretch of imagination to believe me when I say, it is a real treat to rediscover Nature in all her glory and to derive joy out of these simple pleasures handed out on a platter to me even as I sit inside the confines of my home.

So here is one of those musical as well as optical treats that I revelled in yesterday.  This is a purple sunbird.

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