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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Liebster Blog

Yippppeeeeeeeee!  I am so delighted to receive the Liebster award from a fellow blogger and dear friend Nityakalyani.  

The word "Liebster" means favourite and this award is meant for upcoming blogs with less than 200 followers.

Thanks so much Nitya for this award.

Give Nitya a pair of knitting needles and there is no stopping her from coming up with the most imaginative and fascinating creations.  Or read the little pieces from literature that she shares.

My choices for the Liebster award are:
  1. Surya Prakash from   This young lady is recently married and discovering the joy of converting a house to a home and brings a tremendous amount of originality and creativity to her efforts.
  2. Limerickwala  This is a unique collective effort of a group of people who enjoy writing their thoughts in 5 lines of verse.  Limericks are typically nonsense verse, but the topics of these limericks vary from nonsense verse to the most topical.
  3. Padmavathi Krishnamurthi of .  This very young lady indulges in humour with a subtlety and refinement that belies her age.
  4. Mira Murli of .  She is a real powerhouse of talent.  We share a common weakness - FOOD.  Whether it be blogs on recipes, art, travel or snippets Mira never ceases to amaze.
  5. Sudha Kailas of - the newest member on the block is another amazingly talented lady.  Her proficiency at jewellery making is remarkable.  Each piece of art is more eye catching with her and she has only herself to compete with.
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Surya, Limerickwala group, Padmavathi, Mira and Sudha

Looking forward to some wonderful blogs from you.

Please accept this award by copying and pasting it to your blog, linking back to the person who gave it to you and pass on the joy of receiving this award to 5 of your favourite blogs with less 200 followers.


  1. Happiness again coming to me, sudha and riya through satchi! Joining you all saying yipeeeee......

    congrats Riya, Limmerickwalas, Padmavathi and Sudha

  2. Congrats satchi, mira, riya, padmavathi, sudha and limmerickwala... my heartiest congrats and best wishes to u all... have a great time!

  3. Thank you soo much Swati.. Oh I am a Lady.. He he he he.. I thought i am still girl.. :D thanks a lot for the award.. i am very exited and thank you soo much for the same..

    My Hearty wishes to all other bloggers..