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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Colours of Summer - My Balcony Garden - April 2012

Much as I hate the summer heat in India, I certainly love the colours and joy that the month of April brings with it. Needless to say the joy of seeing some of those colours in my own balcony garden within the constraints of an urban apartment brings a sense of special satisfaction which I would love to share with you.

These are some of the plants which are edible and / or have medicinal properties.

 Bone setter / Hadjod (Hindi) / Pirandai  (Tamil)

Curry leaves / Kadipatta / Karvapillai
Bishop'w weed (carom seeds) / Ajwain / Karpuravalli (Omam)

Here are some of my plants in bloom.

Hibiscus / Jaswanda (Marathi) / Gudhal (Hindi) / Chembarthi (Tamil)

Jasmine / Mogra / Malli

Asparagus (Sprengeri)


  1. Lucky you swati amidst nature:) Fantastic visual treat to our eyes!!

  2. lovely sats..It is such a satisfying experience , isn't it? growing a plant?

  3. You said it, Shobha. :-) Thanks for visiting.