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Monday, 5 March 2012

Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie

Somethings in life just don't make sense.  We live in a democracy, where there are laws and regulations, but the way they are implemented some times makes me wonder at the logic or the blatant lack of it on the part of the administration.

I am talking about this, because a friend recently commented on facebook about the way the government functions.  As it happened he touched a raw nerve of mine - he mentioned the word "helmet".

I have been riding a two wheeler for the last almost 30 years.  I had never used a helmet till 3-4 years ago, much to the chagrin of my doctor husband and his friends who kept insisting I should.  Nothing innately  wrong with that.  On the contrary it is common sense and no one in their right senses would normally refuse to wear one.

This situation changed when I was finally forced to wear one due to the implementation of a law enforcing wearing of helmets.  Needless to say the traffic cops are very active and enthusiastic about enforcing the law and collecting fines.  Normally I would say "Good, they are doing their job".

Then what am  I cribbing about?  To start off with, the roads.  Or to be more precise the potholes.  We have a series of potholes with little bits of road in between.  It is alright with the administration that vehicles try to keep avoiding potholes on the road and go zig zag trying to do that, putting everyone on the road at risk.  It is okay that in the event that there is no way out a two wheeler rider bumps in and out of a pothole or falls off his bike.  It is perfectly in order to have open drains which become invisible in rains so unsuspecting two wheelers or pedestrians fall into it.  It is okay that flying buses, auto rickshaws or big cars break red signals or push two wheeler riders to the edge of a road, the two wheeler rider loses his balance and falls off.  It does not matter that a two wheeler rider breaks his spine, BUT it is very important that his head remains unhurt and he lies immobile aware of the pain, indignity and the misery of dependence on others.  Do we have to wear space crafts to protect the rest of our bodies?  What would happen if the person hurts his head nevertheless (it has happened in the past) and his head swells up enough to make it impossible to remove the helmet without cutting it open?????

Why is it that drivers of public transport like buses, trucks and auto rickshaws get away with impunity no matter what they do?  May be the drivers of two wheelers are softer targets and that is where the money is.  What does one expect BULLIES to do?  Reminds me of Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie.